Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Murder of a Wedding Belle by Denise Swanson

We’re visiting Skye Denison again in Scumble River, Illinois again. I had so much last time, I needed to make a quick return. Skye has just agreed to be maid of honor in her cousin’s wedding this summer. She’s not real thrilled about it and mainly doing it out of duty for family reasons. Riley is flamboyant and controlling, but Skye figures it will be over soon enough. Skye wasn’t counting on the wedding planner being murdered and Riley asking Skye to finish out the wedding plans. Not real hip on the idea, but realizing it puts her in a position to help investigate the murder better, Skye decides to take on the task.

Title: Murder of a Wedding Belle
Series: A Scumble River Mystery #12
Author: Denise Swanson
Publish Date: April 2010
Publisher: Signet
Source: borrowed from Library
Amazon | Goodreads

I really wish I could find the books in order at my library. I enjoyed the first book I read in this series (#5) and this was the next closest in segment available that I could find. I obviously have missed a lot with Skye’s boyfriend(s) and prior cases, but it didn’t distract a lot from this book. This is definitely an addicting series. I may just have to suck it up and buy them so I can read them in order.

Characters: My favorite characters were the Dooziers. Also planning a wedding of their own, the interactions provide for quite the laughs. Riley is insane. She is so over the top with the wedding, but is a perfect fit for the story. Her demeanor towards everyone and every situation involving the wedding is crazy.

Location and Setting: Scumble River is true to itself in the book and the typical small town. I love that the Dooziers live in an out of the way place from even this small town. We also get to visit the big city of Chicago for some of the wedding planning and shopping.

Crime: The murder was clever. Once the entire course of the murder and the reason(s) why it happened, I was thoroughly impressed. The red herrings definitely had me hooked to all the wrong people and I was completely stumped.

Romance: Definitely a cliffhanger with this subject at the end. Should Skye be planning her own wedding soon? But with who?


  1. Another series on my wishlist. Glad you enjoy them.

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