Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book Review: Shoulder Bags and Shootings by Dorothy Howell

Today we’re headed to the L.A. area and can shop at Holt’s, where Haley is sort of employed, or go with her to The District and hit the Fashion District for some Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, or something else as fancy. Usually she takes her best friend Marcie shopping to this area to find purse deals for their purse parties, but their parties are currently on hold until the resolution of the murder. If Haley isn’t too busy trying to solve the murder, maybe she can take us for a coastline drive as well.  

Title: Shoulder Bags and Shootings
Series: Haley Randolph #3
Author: Dorothy Howell
Publish Date: 2010
Publisher: Little Black Dress
Source: purchased

This has been a fun and enjoyable series for me. It does have quite a lot of fluff and could definitely be considered Chick Lit, but it definitely is a cozy mystery. I enjoy the quick read and the antics that Haley usually finds herself in.

Characters: Evelyn makes herself the star of this book by doing something she has never done before. Evelyn has been a quiet character in previous books just watching over Haley’s funds so she doesn’t spend it all, but this book she gets a little crazy. Also, Haley is having to deal with a lot of co-workers attitude and work and she just doesn’t have the time to deal with them. However, they get clever and give her a large project. Quite hilarious!

Location and Setting: L.A. area is typical.  I loved the insight into The District, specifically the Santee Alley and the “fakes” and other stuff that happens there. Definitely added to the story and the twist of the crime.

Crime: I loved how quick the crime had happened and the sleuthing was upon us. Haley has just returned from London with Ty and doesn’t even get time to breath. Haley is still quite clever in her methods and finds herself in a lot of precarious situations.

Romance: There’s the hot guy she meets in The District and Ty is just taking his own sweet time in getting back from London. Ugh!

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