Thursday, April 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday - A Spoonful of Murder by Connie Archer

If there is enough snow this weekend, we can ski the resorts just outside Snowflake, Vermont. But we will be sure to stay in Snowflake because of its coziness and wonderful stores. There’s a clothing store run by two sisters and a really good restaurant that serves soups and sandwiches. Hopefully Lucky can prove her Chef’s innocent of murder and get him released from jail soon, or we may not get the gourmet soups the place is known for.

When a body is found in the back alley of By the Spoonful, the Chef is suspected of murder and the citizens stay away. Having just returned back home, Lucky is trying to run the family restaurant after her parents were killed in a car accident. Not sure if she wants to continue the business, Lucky learns of many reasons to stay and keep the business running.

Title: A Spoonful of Murder
Series: Soup Lover's Mystery #1
Author: Connie Archer
Publish Date: August 7, 2012
Publisher: Berkley
Source: paperback from Library

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Characters: My favorite character was Jack, Lucky’s grandpa. What a great asset to the characters and at least Lucky wasn’t left completely alone. He is quite a character even in his dealings with Sage’s brother Remy.

Location and Setting: I really enjoyed the soup store. Even though the customers did stay away for a while, the die hards make the store really quaint. It would be wonderful to walk by or visit a shop and see the same people every day. Really create a cozy little town. The town is small enough that everyone knows everyone, and anybody who is “new” is titled a tourist. I’m sure there are a lot of visitors with the ski resorts just up above the town. Most probably stay at the resorts, but the few who venture down enjoy a cozy little town.

Crime: The crime happened at the very beginning of the book and was a really good opener to meet a lot of the citizens of town. Lucky was a very new sleuth and showed some amateur ways, but thank goodness she found some help along the way. The turn of events throughout the story kept the pages turning and my mind guessing.

Romance: Yep, it was there. The doctor in town who was a crush from younger years. Loved the few sparks that were evident and can’t wait to read on for more.

It was fun to read this review again. I had originally started with book three as a free copy from Netgalley and after enjoying it I grabbed this book from the library to start at the beginning. I was just recently able to get book five from Netgalley with a review coming soon!!

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