Monday, May 9, 2016

Book Review: Raisin the Dead by Karoline Barrett

Title: Raisin the Dead
Series: Bread and Batter #2
Author: Karoline Barrett
Publish Date: April 19, 2016
Publisher: InterMix
Source: Netgalley

About the Book:
While the rest of Destiny is focused on the arrival of an upper crust perfume mogul, Molly is more concerned about what’s on the front page of the newspaper: her mother. Library director Anne Tyler was photographed at the most romantic restaurant in town having a cozy dinner with library advisory board member Philip Baldeli. But there’s more for Molly to worry about after Philip is found dead a few days later.

When Detective Sean Corsino zeroes in on Anne as a person of interest in the case, it turns down the heat on his budding romance with Molly. But after he’s injured during the course of his investigation, Molly and Olivia must step in to sift through the clues and clear Anne’s name.

My Review:

Even though in the early pages of this book I was really struggling with the author’s writing particularly describing what was going on, the time of day, and how much time had passed, I absolutely loved this book. The description of how things were happening seemed to get better later in the book, but I what hooked me in were the characters and the small town of Destiny. I loved the visits from characters from larger towns who were struggling with the size of the town, but how they later fell in love with it themselves.

How the author was able to weave the mystery within the events happening in the town and the title of the book meaning something more than just what it obviously means. I definitely will read more of this author and this specific series. Glad I can go back to book one to catch up on how they got to this point in time, and sad that I will have to wait a while for another book to be released. I’m excited to see where all of the businesses and residents will grow from here.

Lately I have been reading later books in series and find I like the series much better than when I start at book one. I always seem to hate the complete set-up that has to exist in the first book. I might just make a habit of beginning a new series in this way.

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