Friday, August 26, 2016

Honey Bun Shop Mysteries by M.E. Harmon

Title: Sweet and Salty Treachery
Series: HoneyBun Shop Mystery #1
Author: M.E. Harmon
Publish Date: November 2015
Source: Kindle Unlimited

About the Book:
When a TV reality star dies, it's up to a NYC baker to solve the case...
Ali Daniels loves baking sweet goodies for customers in her Manhattan bakery, HoneyBun Sweets and Sandwiches. When she gets an invite for a chance to cater the hottest event in NYC, she can't resist.

But it's murder, mayhem and cupcakes when the star of an upcoming reality TV show ends up dead. And Ali finds herself smack in the middle of a homicide investigation (as a suspect)—with her business hanging in the balance.

Faced with the choice of losing her beloved business and friends or hunting down a murderer, Ali doesn't hesitate to seek out the real culprit.

Becoming an amateur sleuth is one thing, staying alive is another. Will it be too late when Ali discovers she's jumped out of the frying pan and into the pre-heated oven?

My Review:
This was a great start to a fun series. I had book two as a free download and since I was on the 30 day trial membership of Kindle Unlimited, I read for free the first book. Ali Daniels is a co-owner of the Honey Bun shop and provides the great treats that combined with the great lunches provided by her partner, Al. I fell in love with the neigborhood and the way the city was portrayed as a small city, or at least this area. I also enjoyed the sleuthing when she teamed up with her best friend. Ending the book, wasn't sure which man would be in her life in the next book.

Second book in the series was a freebie.

Title: Barbecue, Bourbon and Bullets
Series: HoneyBun Shop Mystery #2
Author: M.E. Harmon
Publish Date: November 2015
Source: free for Kindle

About the Book:
Revenge is a dish best served...smoking hot with a side of spicy fries.

HoneyBun shop owner, Ali Daniels, is in the middle of a date with a deliciously handsome police detective at the hottest NYC barbecue restaurant — when the owner is shot in the middle of a busy kitchen.

There's no gun. There are no witnesses.

Ali can't resist a good mystery to solve and decides to help the investigation along. But as she attempts to smoke out the culprit, it's Ali who risks being scorched by a red, hot killer.

My Review:
I read the second book in this series, but didn’t realize it was just a novella. It was amazing!! I loved the continuation from the first book and the murder weapon was pretty unique. The entire mystery and happenings occur at a restaurant within just a few hours. A quick read, but I loved how the story was told. The sleuthing done by Ali was quick and sly, even though Det. Hamilton tried really hard to get her to back off.

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