Friday, November 18, 2016

BlueBuried Muffins by Lyndsey Cole

Title: BlueBuried Muffins
Series: Black Cat Cafe #1
Author: Lyndsey Cole
Publish Date: January 1, 2015
Publisher: Lyndsey Cole Books
Source: free on Kindle

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About the Book:
Annie Fisher is scared. She’s scared of the mess her boyfriend, Max Parker, is in the middle of and she has to get out of his house. She puts a whole state between them and drives like a madwoman from Cooper, NY to her hometown of Catfish Cove, NH where she hopes she’ll be safe. 

She decides to start a new life, a life she ran away from two years ago but is finding herself missing as soon as she gets home. Annie immediately has a place to live, a job at her Aunt Leona’s new café—Black Cat Café—and plenty of boyfriend prospects. Unfortunately, she also has plenty of bad things follow her. 

Like Max Parker. Only the next time she sees him he’s dead. Suddenly everyone she runs into turns into a potential suspect. There are ghosts from her past and new neighbors that make her hair stand on end. And right in the middle of everything is Annie with Max’s last warning to her—Don’t trust anyone. Will those words prove to keep her safe or put too much distance between Annie and those trying to help her?

My Review:
This book was so much fun and had me hooked from the beginning. I loved getting in on the start of the new store, Annie finding the cat, and all of the potential suspects. I enjoyed not only the mystery, but the family drama issues. Not something you normally find in a cozy mystery, but the development of a “real” storyline is what keeps me involved in a series. 

My favorite character was Jason Hunter. It talked in the book about him finding things. Not alot was given about this, but the details provided made me think of the show The Finder. I’m very interested to continue with the series to see what he is all about. And if you haven’t watched “The Finder”, definitely go check it out. Sadly, it’s only a season, but so worth it.

I will definitely continue reading this series and just the other day I received noticed that four of the books were 99c. Definitely grabbed those up and hope to find the others on discount soon!!

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