Friday, December 9, 2016

Freebie Friday Review: Merit Badge Murder by Leslie Langtry

Title: Merit Badge Murder
Series: Merry Wrath
Author: Leslie Langtry
Publish Date: October 10, 2014
Publisher: Createspace
Source: free for Kindle

About the Book:
When CIA agent Merry Wrath is "accidently" outted, she's forced her into early retirement, changes her appearance, and moves where no one will ever find her—Iowa. Instead of black bag drops in Bangkok, she now spends her time leading a young Girl Scout troop. But Merry's new simple life turns not-so-simple when an enemy agent shows up dead at scout camp. Suddenly Merry is forced to deal with her former life in order to preserve her future one.

It doesn't help matters that the CIA sends in her former, sexy handler to investigate…or that the hot new neighbor across the street turns out to be the local detective in charge of her case. And when Merry is forced to take on a roommate in the voluptuous form of a turned KGB agent/bimbo, things become trickier than wet work in Waukegan or cookie sales in the spring. Nothing in the CIA or Girl Scouts' training manuals has prepared her for what comes next…

My Review:
This book didn’t waste any time getting started. From a dead man in ropes and an auto-ped accident resulting in a death, Merry was quickly eating all the Oreos. This was a fun book, however, it did kind of lose its steam halfway through the book. However, I enjoyed it enough to buy the second book.

I enjoyed the concept of the story and I’m excited to see where the next book takes us. Lana was a favorite character, so interested to see what other characters the author gives us. Merry is strong and even while trying to fit in, remembered quickly everything she had put on hold to “fix” the situation she was in. Also the situation with the two sexy men, need to find out what happens in both of those situations.  

This book was very similar to Jana Deleon’s series Miss Fortune Mysteries which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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